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horse betting system by Mohammed Ali


  1. Introduction
  2. Bonus Chapter One – 4 Things You Should Know Before Placing a Single Bet
  3. Analysis of Betting Terms
  4. Evaluation of Common Betting Statistics
  5. 5 Strategies for Consistent Winning
  6. Analysis of the Betting Market
  7. Bonus Chapter Two – 8 Critical Factors That Affect Your Chances of Winning
  8. Determining the Best Type of Track Condition
  9. Exploring the Field Size
  10. Finding the Best Barrier Draw
  11. Minimizing the Negative Impact of Changing Race Distance
  12. Why Form Should Not be Used as a Means to an End in Itself
  13. How to Ride the Winning Wave of a Peak Performer
  14. How Much Extra Weight is too Much
  15. How to Spot a Good Winning Jockey
  16. Overall Betting Strategy
  17. Identifying Favorites
  18. 7 Rules of the Strategy
  19. How I Collect 96.35% of all My Place Bets
  20. 3 Variations of Applying My Strategy
  21. Staking Plan
  22. Single and Multiple Runs
  23. How I Turned $15.00 into $265.12 in Just One Hour
  24. How to Make $151.00 on a Saturday Afternoon with ZERO Risk
  25. How to Safely Turn $15 into $157.28 Securely Using Place Bets
  26. Extra Special Super Bonus – The Incredible Trifecta System
  27. Frequently Asked Questions

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